This is where you come in!
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This will be the place to tell our Nieuw Zeeland stories.
Shortly you will be able to upload your story – jouw verhaal – or record the story of your parents or
grandparents.  Over the decades, we will grow this rich source of biographies into a treasure trove
for visitors from around the world.

The Dutch Contribution
We’re often called New Zealand’s ‘invisible immigrants’. But it’s not that hard to see the evidence of
our presence and influence across the entire country.

Check out how we’ve contributed to life and popular culture – food tastes, coffee history,
artistry, innovation and enterprise in building, dairying and flower-growing … the list goes on.

And let’s be frankly Dutch… We’re not shy about it!


Photographer Helena Sofia de Kok has travelled the country for her project Dutch New Zealand in
which she photographed and interviewed over 30 Dutchies in New Zealand. Have a look at some of the stories here.